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I am a member of the AntiMA, a collaborative group of talented and diverse artists from different backgrounds who are emphasising an alternative approach to the exclusivity of formal arts education.

I am an advocacy administrator with the Brighton Artists Network. I shall be working with an aim to advocate for greater funding, assistance and acknowledgement for the arts and artists in and around Brighton without exclusivity due to wealth or privilege, to turn Brighton from a city with a vibrant (although expensive/exclusive) arts scene into one that is open, supportive, welcoming and can use art for both aesthetic but also for garnering change.

I am a member of the Dark Poets Club, a collective of poets with raw expression leaning towards 'darker' themes, or as we call it "real world rawness". People is to be honest, true to ourselves and we should all be free to express, others may find solace, healing, expression, voice and be heard and we do through this also.

I am one of the founding members of the Pluviophile collective. A collective dedicated to showcasing others' voices and poetry tackling mental health and raising money for mental health charities while also showcasing others' work, allowing them to network with other artists, appreciate and be proud of their own work and see their work in a published form.


IMG_6188 - 04 Oct 2020 Canon EOS 77D.JPG

Anthony Gorin is a self-taught poet and photographer focusing on mental health through his arts and personal journey. Both his photography and poetry come with a singular goal emphasizing his mission to capture mental health, social justice issues, beauty in the everyday and an aim to use art for change and empathy. While showing people that beauty can be found wherever you are or wherever you go, as he likes to say— beauty, in normalcy. He continues to use his art for social change, for empathy and is trying to raise money for charities around Autism, mental health and injustices in society. Anthony currently resides and goes about his art in Brighton where he has been since moving there for university back in 2014.

I have a philosophy and message behind all of my photographs, to capture moments of beauty in normalcy, beauty in the everyday. It is my own personal dispute against the ideas of having to travel across the world to see beauty, it sees beauty in some sights everyday that I myself have come across but have never truly stopped to ‘see’ before picking up photography.


My name is Anthony, I go on walks anywhere, the city, country, seaside, cliffs, everywhere trying to capture beautiful scenes, a lot of my photography is around mental health and is therapeutic, and it is my goal to emphasise therapeutic artistic endeavour for self-improvement.


While photography and art can be therapeutic and peaceful, it can also have  a message, and I intend to do more art tackling topics such as mental health, societal norms, consumerism, prejudice and inequality in terms of racism, feminism, and especially in terms of age and class.


My own photography, casual, taking photos like I try to do, reminds me, of individuality, even in these very ‘normal’ and ‘common’ sights that I capture, there is a unique element, my own capture in a particular moment, location, time, lighting, environment, weather, and even particular mindset in the slightest moment. All of which combine, to seeing a photo opportunity and capturing one that is encapsulated in time.

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