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Against Autism Abuse


I live in Brighton, UK and will be writing to my local MPs in addition to great influencers around autism awareness to get this heard, actioned and pushed into widespread attention. We cannot have this blatant disregard of people's lives due to disability. Autism, a learning disability or any other aspect of neurodiversity is never an excuse for the issuing of a DNR. I urge you to write to your local representatives, people you know, friends, influencers you follow, anyone, in order to get this greater attention.

This video by The Aspie World brought this to my attention


Disgusting, forcing or pressuring people into DNRs (Do not resuscitate, instructing not to resuscitate those if ill or in need of critical care, often used for the terminally ill, but not supposed to be for those with learning difficulties or autism- both of which aren't life-threatening or terminal) especially in terms of those with autism and with learning difficulties who may not fully understand what they are being given to sign, and especially for vulnerable adults without family or friends or loved ones to look out for them. This constitutes a breach of the human rights of neurodiverse individuals or those with learning difficulties or other vulnerabilities.

This is the PETITION

According to the UN discrimination against autism “is the rule rather than the exception”.

Article from The Telegraph

Article from BBC News

Article from The Guardian

Article from Mirror

ADF International

Health Service Journal

UN Special Rapporteur on Persons with Disabilities noted that “Disability cannot be a justification for termination of life.”

Sign the petition! Covid-19 has heavily impacted everyone, has been a burden, but has impacted many more than others and this is an example of neglect of care at best and blatant discrimination and disregard of life at worst. Especially for those with a learning disability and who do not have access to carers, family or friends to look out for them and help. There are many people who are slipping through the cracks. There have been. We need to try and stop this.

*disclaimer, I apologise if this is rather a rushed piece, I wanted it to contain links, information to start search and for me to accumulate information and a place where I can disseminate this information and awareness more easily than individual emails of direct messages.*

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