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Photography Has Somehow Changed My Memory

This blogpost is a piece, concerning memory and how my memory has been changed by photography. In making this video, compiling the photos that I have taken over the year, from the 7th September 2018 to the 6th September 2019.

When compiling these I have remembered taking the photos, the exact moment shooting the scenes like they had occurred half an hour ago. I also remembered the day, not all of it, but small things, like what I did that day, where I went to take photos, how I felt that day and what occurred like things said, things did, and even so much as how I was feeling that day. It was quite a surreal experience, seeing a timeline before my very eyes and seeing it through photos all laid out. Across the development of my photography, style, editing and composition.

Another impact on my memory of photography I have found is increased associations with memories and photos, similar to what I have mentioned above, but sunsets reminding of past sunsets, past moments, past times, all become associated with a photo, or multiple. It allows a form of clarity. Connection, networked between all the different photos, memories all more vividly connected to many others. Each time I go out taking photos, both memories made and remembered all become a lot more vivid, intense, emotional and meaningful. The clarity of my memories, how vivid they are, with photos taken, of times and experiences so much to the extent that each photo tell a story of the day taken, the feelings felt, other things during the day, the meaning when posting it, the memory of editing it and what I hoped to portray through it.

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