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Posting, and the Meaning it Adds

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Taking photos and going out when feeling whatever I do at the time. It has meaning, brings and adds meaning to the photos.

The stage of photo from going out on a trip to posting, it was always the posting that was important but didn't add meaning.

That is, until more recently, my collection of photos to post to Instagram, I have chosen ones that resonate with my current mood at posting, and recently giving each a name, maybe a quote to go with them. This has added new meaning to the photo and that stage which had lacked any.

Having a photograph, with meaning but collected into an album, but then when posting, I choose one that resonates with me at the time. Add a name and give it added meaning. This is how I've found new meaning to posting.

My older photos on my Instagram don't have names, even on my website they don't. I've always been terrible and never known how to name them. But now I have found how I can, and I need to get round to naming photos on my website, but there are many and it's hard to backdate the names due to my own process.

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