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  • The form in the 'Store' page section does not guarantee availability of prints being requested by the customer

  • It is a request for the availability of a print of the image as requested in the Image Title field.

  • A print sent to a customer being incorrect due to the use of the wrong image title does not entitle them to a refund unless the discrepancy is the fault of Beauty In Normalcy (e.g. mislabelling of the title in the 'Portfolio' page.

  • The customer in sending the form on the 'Store' page is not agreeing fully to a purchase and is only a request

  • In agreeing to purchase a print payment will be made in full prior to any prints being printed or sent.

  • Beauty in Normalcy shall provide a refund only on the occasion that the product shipped has been damaged in transit to the customer shall be given a refund or a undamaged print sent out to them upon provision of an image of the damaged item.

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