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Ace-Anthology Terms and Conditions - Contract

The Ace-Anthology is a yearly publication, with poetry and illustrations gathered from self-identifying asexuals.


The aims of  the publication is to promote awareness of asexuality and the aroace spectrum. To encourage artists make use of their lived experiences and subsequent creativity in all of its forms to contirbute to a collective work. A work that will include a short bio for each artist and their respective social links of their choosing. To give these artists a platform, a voice, a connection to one another and bring them attention.

By making a submission on this page you are agreeing the the terms and conditions and agree and sign the contract and terms found on the document attached to the right.

If you have any questions, submit them to I am happy to answer any questions. If the piece of work is an illustration or image for submission, these are welcome, submit them via email and Beauty in Normalcy shall be in touch with results if it will be used and supply you with a contract to sign identical to the one to the right, but including a copy of the work in question to aid in clarity attached to a appendix.

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