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The Empathy Project

Welcome, this is the empathy project.

This is a project, one I've wanted to start for a couple months, inspired finally to action by JaimeAnimations, a YouTuber. The answer in their music video about their own eating disorder was understanding and empathy; "I can reach out, to someone not like me, to ask for help doesn't make you weak. I can reach out, ignore what the voice tells me, I can help my mind learn to trust my body". I myself through my own mental health journey believe that the way through mental health and almost everything else there is. Empathy.

Empathy can help someone when they are at their lowest, remind them they are not alone, it can help with ways to move forward, or even when doing nothing it is an attempt to help that means something even if it cannot be felt in the moment, in the pain.

So it is with this project, this portfolio, it is my aim, to capture images, of my and others' experiences, feelings, thoughts going through mental health, to capture beauty and meaning in the darkest of times, for one purpose in my opinion. Empathy. For someone to see and understand, or to capture and immediately elicit an idea of familiarity, empathy, understanding and feeling. This is my aim. This is my attempt.

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